October 3, 2009

Gourmet-Mom-on-the-Go Review

By Gourmet-Mom-on-the-Go:

I've said it before, I'll say it again...I'm a Toffee junkie.  Most of you also know that I've never been able to make it well and I've mentioned before my favorite toffee company, English Toffee Anytime. 

Besides a great product, I have to say that they have THE BEST customer service of any company I know. Personal, professional, quick, and they truly want you to enjoy their product and service. If you need a nice gift for someone, order online or give them a call. They will do the job right! 

Are you hungry yet?

English Toffee Anytime has come up with a new product...all three flavors of their toffee in a 1 lb. box... 


Go to and indulge!


English Toffee Anytime Review!!

By Swamp-Suburbia:

English Toffee Anytime makes the best melt in your mouth toffee I have ever eaten!! It is to die for. It really melts in your mouth. Here are the three different types that English Toffee Anytime has to offer. The Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee. Oh, this one is pure heaven. This is the one that I taste tested. The White Satin Almond Toffee. This light delight is sure to make any chocolate lover's day!! This is the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee. This is for those dark chocolate lovers out there. Okay, so, now I have your mouths watering and your interests perked! How many of you would love to have a pound of English Toffee Anytime's toffee. An entire pound of your choice of the best toffee sent right to your front door. Just in time for Christmas. Well, you can!!! And it's as easy as pie, or toffee. Okay, so here's the deal. Go to and place your order. They will ship your order right to your front door and if your order is for a friend or a loved one they will include a custom messages card at no additional charge. Can you imagine that?


January 1, 2009

Food Porn with English Toffee

By A Cowboy's Wife, My-Wooden-Spoon

I only label a review food porn when it is so utterly delicious that it makes my eyes roll into the back of my head and this English Toffee does just that! I’m serious folks and had it not been for 5 of us in the family eating it in about 3 seconds, I would have a picture of me devouring it to prove it’s worthiness of the title.

Now I’ve had toffee in the past, hard-plain toffee that is okay but this?…….this is exceptional. Not only is the toffee not near as hard as what you would buy in the store but it’s surrounded by more pieces of heaven like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white satin which was the one that made my toes curl and truly are life’s essential indulgence for this gal!

You want to know the “in-a-nutshell” version of how this toffee came about? This gal, a regular gal like me, was making this in her home as a way to create gifts for family and friends. She was encouraged to sell her toffee on the Internet and well, the rest is history. Just goes to show you that great things can happen if you set your mind.

If you can’t stand it and have $3 bucks, you can actually try the English Toffee sampler!! The $3 covers shipping and the sampler is free:) Gift certificates are offered as well!

ONE MORE THING: If you decide you want to make a purchase, contact English Toffee Anytime and tell them that you read my review, and they will give you a discount coupon code to use on that purchase!!

The offer ends on January 10th, is only open to the US (sorry).


January 26, 2009

Toffee Extravaganza

By Gourmet-Mom-on-the-Go

I am so excited! We're introducing amazing English Toffee for your sweetie (or yourself) in time for Valentines Day!

I have a confession to make...actually 2 confessions.....

1) I am a toffee junkie. I adore it, it's probably my favorite treat and has been since I was a kid.

2) I've never been able to make it very well. I've gotten plenty of tips from Grandma (professional candy maker) and Mom (daughter of professional candy maker) but I can't seem to get it right. It frustrates me to no end.

Fortunately, I DO know people who make great toffee (it's all about who you know, right?:)) and they're introducing their English Toffee to you! How cool is that?

So, let me introduce you to English Toffee Anytime. Buttery almond toffee covered with pure Guittard chocolate and coated with the finest chopped almonds. It has no preservatives and is honestly the most heavenly toffee I've ever had.

Order by Feb. 5 and they guarantee they can get you your toffee by V-Day.

Special offer for Gourmet-Mom-on-the-Go readers (this week only--offer ends Feb. 3).

When you order a one-half pound box of toffee from you will be upgraded to:

--A one pound box of toffee, and

--A complimentary Valentine card with a personal message.

This offer may not be combined with any other discount or offer.

One more detail: They can only ship to addresses within the continental United States, sometimes called the ‘lower 48’ and due to customs restrictions, they do not ship to military APO and FPO addresses.


January 29, 2009

A Sweet Offer for Valentines

By Simple-Reviews

Who doesn't love chocolate? And what better treat is there for Valentine's Day? *husbands? Are you taking notes?* This year you can skip right past the Whitman's because I've found the ultimate indulgence when it comes to chocolate.

English Toffee Anytime is buttery almond toffee covered with pure Guittard chocolate and coated with the finest chopped almonds. English Toffee Anytime is preferred by discerning toffee connoisseurs everywhere. It is prepared to perfection and free of preservatives.

As one of the world's toffee connoisseurs, I can attest that this is, indeed, some of the finest toffee you'll ever have. Once I tasted it, I knew that I found the pinnacle of buttery yumminess. It just doesn't get any better than this. My personal favorite is the milk chocolate, but they offer dark chocolate and white satin as well.

English Toffee Anytime would make an excellent Valentine's gift for yourself, your spouse, your neighbors, the kids' teachers, or even an anytime gift to someone for no reason.

BUY IT: The good people at English Toffee Anytime have a sale running through February 9. Any half-pound order will automatically be upgraded to a one-pound order, at the half-pound price. And that is one sweet deal. Head on over now and check them out, your sweet tooth will forever thank you.


February 3, 2009

By Picky Palate

I am honored to be reviewing such a 'Sweet' product today. This company is offering some very nice sweets just in time for Valentines Day!!

I was thrilled to sample all three toffee selections of English Toffee Anytime and let me tell you, they are all incredible. You should have seen us all devour this stuff like it was going out of style. My boys ask to have more any chance they get, even breakfast!

I was so impressed with English Toffee Anytime. Buttery almond toffee is covered with pure Guittard chocolate and coated with the finest chopped almonds. It has no preservatives and is by far the best toffee I've ever had!

How cool huh? Here's how to order.....

All you need to do, is check out their website then place an order.

Special offer for Picky Palate Readers: If you order a one-half pound box of toffee from English Toffee Anytime on or before Friday February 6th you will be upgraded to: A one pound box of toffee, and a complimentary Valentine card with a personal message.

This offer is expires ends late Thursday (2/5/09) night when the clock strikes midnight PST!

You seriously gotta try this toffee!


February 8, 2009

SUPER SWEET DEAL - English Toffee Anytime

By The Mommy Files

Are you looking for a gift or something special for a loved one for Valentine's Day or another special occasion? You'll find the answers at English Toffee Anytime! Enjoy buttery almond toffee covered with rich and creamy Guittard chocolate (white satin, milk, or dark)! Share with family and friends and watch how quickly it disappears!

For a limited time only, you can enjoy some of their super sweet deals. But hurry - it ends on Monday, February 9th!

Deal # 1 - Order 1/2 pound any flavor of toffee and they'll upgrade your order to 1 pound - that's right - you get 1/2 pound FREE! Select 1/2 pound of the flavor(s) you want and when you proceed to checkout, it will automatically upgrade your order to 1 pound (no extra fees). There is no code or coupon necessary!

Deal # 2 - Sample their toffee for free with the Triple Taste-the-Toffee Sampler. You pay shipping and that's it! You can try each of their 3 yummy toffees - White Satin Almond Toffee, Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee, and Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee.


February 24, 2009

English Toffee Anytime

By Susannah-Banana-Botique

Give me some chocolate and I am one happy woman. Give me some chocolate with toffee and I'm in sheer heaven! English Toffee Anytime sent me the tastiest toffee. I received their milk and dark chocolate varieties. I've always tried milk chocolate toffee, but the dark chocolate was a nice change and I loved it. I could definitely tell the difference and I loved each one equally.

The texture of their toffee is something else. I loved the crunch, flavor and freshness. The buttery almond toffee was pure perfection. The chopped almonds that surrounded the toffee added the finishing touch.

All of the toffee is preservative free and is made with pure Guittard chocolate. You can taste the difference in their toffee versus other brands. Only the finest ingredients are used for English Toffee Anytime and you'll be able to tell that with your first bite. Be careful. This stuff is contagious!

English Toffee Anytime is offering some really great prizes!

One 1st place winner will receive a 1 pound box of the toffee of your choice.

One 2nd place winner will receive a 1/2 pound box of the toffee of your choice.

Five 3rd place winners will receive their Triple Taste-The-Toffee Sampler.

Order a 1/2 pound box and your order will be upgraded to a 1 pound box for the next week. No coupon code is necessary. Just enter The Funky Monkey at checkout in the space provided for "Special Message to Friend or Loved One" - it's that simple! Click here to visit their website.

**This offer ends on March 4th and is open to U.S. residents.**